The UGO project of 2006 – 07 was an overhaul from a HTML template system to a custom Content Management System (CMS). In order to move the pages from the old system to the new system (CMS), a program was created to move the data in the template sections into a new database system that matches these sections.

I was hired to lead the team of developers to take the pages that were specialized and not in the normal HTML template system and move them into the new content management system (CMS). Unique CMS templates were required for these pages. My team developed the new CMS templates. At the time my expertises was Flash. Most of my work required me to deal with reworking the Flash widgets to work with the new layout.

It was a year worth of work from the planning phase to the launching of the new website and Content Management System (CMS). The launch was a complete success due to planning and testing the process in the beginning. I learned from the independent consultants to plan meticulously first and test along the way. After the launch UGO was left with a robust three-tiered architecture that was load balanced, as well as a DevOps production deployment environment that included development, qa, staging, and production with a clear process flow.

I was offered to come on full time. I turned it down cause I was getting better offers as a freelancer. It turned out to be a good move because in July of 2007 the company and website was brought by the Hearst Corporation and by 2011 the site was defunct.