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Some things I can do.


I help determine the message the design should portray. I create designs that identify and convey that message. I develop graphics and visuals for products, illustrations, logos, print, mobile apps and websites.

UX & UI Design

Through exhaustive research I help determining the user experience the client wants to convey, then I build a user interface that conveys that user experience.

Frontend Development

I build responsive websites and apps with HTML, CSS and a little JavaScript.

WordPress Development

I provide my clients with the ability to manage their sites content using WordPress as their content management system.


My job is to make sure websites look great, users enjoy their experience and business goals are met and maintained in a digital environment. Every business has a purpose and a promise; I design the right visual layout, typography, color and graphics that accurately define a client's brand, influence and perception. I guide clients to clearly identify desired market position, strategy and goals. I develop successful user-focused interface designs through comprehensive planning that best represent and fulfill their business needs.

Work Experience

  • 2012

    NY, New York

    Web Production Manager

    I hire, manage, train and coordinate with a team of producers to design, develop and maintain content for I created operational processes to maintain quality performance from the producers. My team works with designers, marketing, analytics and the IT department on the structure, creation and maintenance of web projects. I assign the creation and maintenance of articles, videos, emails, and pages for the current site and conference mini site. I have written JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for projects, that are created, managed and maintained in the Kentico CMS environment.
    Read more about my ASME experience.

  • 2011

    Synergistic Marketing
    NY, New York

    Lead Front End Developer

    Maintained the website while replacing the company's deployment environment and CMS. Created a development, staging and production workflow using Git for version control. Researched user experience; designed, developed and implemented the user interface for their websites. Developed and managed website updates, email and social network marketing campaigns. Which included contests, recipes, and book giveaways.
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  • 2008

    Design / Develop / UX / UI Consultant
    NY, New York

    Completed work as a designer, developer and user experience consultant on over forty corporate and private web projects. Projects included everything from brand design to app development.
    Learn more about my Freelance years.

  • 2007

    Publishers Clearing House
    Port Washington, NY

    Web Designer

    Designed and coded emails and landing pages to sell products to customers. Acted as the project manager for each email and landing page they developed. Developed two to four emails with landing pages a week. The designer team consisted of a copywriter and a JavaScript developer. Each design was tested for cross browser integration and checked by the legal team.
    Learn more about my Publishers Clearing House experience

  • 2006

    NY, New York

    Web Design / Development

    Worked on a team that updated and replaced the server side systems and CMS. Improved user experience, and designed a new user interface. Worked closely with the IT team to complete the front-end work on time with the implementation of the CMS and server side systems.
    Learn more about my experience

  • 2003

    Merit Software
    NY, New York

    Information Systems and Technology

    Guided customers through standard and network installations, both remotely and on-site. Collaborated with the software team to identify and rectify software issues. Managed a forum for customer communication and information exchange. Created and maintained SEO landing pages and pay per click advertising on Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.
    Learn more about my Merit Software experience




The things I do.

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Graphic Design

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Front-End Development

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Web Design

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The Publishers Clearing House Experience

I worked at Publishers Clearing House for over a year. I was most impressed at how well they knew their users shopping habits. I learned a lot about how to understand the user and how to write copy to influence them. The Production process thought out and thorough. Everything is planned and based on their […]

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The Freelance Years

Design / Develop / UX / UI Consultant For the last 13 years I have worked with 40 clients to reach their goals. Clients Include: A1A Printing Accredited Language Services Alien Visitor Records All-ways Forwarding Amethyst Artisan AnimAction Brother Earth Bruckner Arts and Antique District Cafe Petite Crevette Casa Cultural Puertorriqueña CBC Media Development Without […]

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Synergistic Marketing

When I started at Synergistic Marketing I was hired as their Front End Development Manager.  My job was to manage their Fun and Family web site and social network campaigns. I was to work closely with the back end developers to help build their business to business web site. Two weeks into the job, the […]

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My time working on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers website

I started as a temp web producer, at ASME on June 26th, 2012. 3 years and 7 months later I am the Web Production Manager.  A little luck, 13 years of web experience and some hard work got me here. I manage 3 web producers and the breath of web production on My team handles […]

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